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Gather your light ​

Updated: May 5, 2019

Make time to connect with your best self; to gather your light.

Whether you have acute pain or are years into a chronic pattern, I can help.


One client speaks about how a CranioSacral Therapy (CST) session feels similar to when she is fully relaxed and on vacation.

She is a mom, a wife and a business owner.

Like many of you, she lives her life at full speed.

She shares that she feels "in my body, present and calm" She receives CST with me on a regular basis. She says it's like, "stepping out of life’s yang and into an hour of yin work."

Where do you find balance?

Our sessions together will boost your immune system and cultivate your inner calm by resetting your parasympathetic nervous system (aka rest and digest).

CST supports you to experience your day notably relaxed, grounded, and refreshed.

It connects with where you are holding restrictions and helps you to let go of pain,

take deeper breaths,

hike the foothills,

get back doing what you love to do,

laugh with your family,

and return to your work day fully relaxed.


One client and mother of three held tension in her neck for 20 years before finding relief. She shared,

"Linda is excellent. I have had a chronic neck issue for years and after a series of sessions, I felt liberated from the discomfort and had significant increase in mobility."


I am intentional about releasing your physical discomfort while connecting you to your steady calm.

A calm you can carry right back into your day.


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