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Slowing down while speeding up

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Life seems to be quickening its pace again, so I've put my focus on slowing down.

Is it true for you, as well?

It feels like I'm gleefully stretching my limbs, yet I have to watch myself, even when it means asking for help and holding strong time boundaries. I'm doing some of this with structured downtime. Blocks of time in my calendar where I'm not allowed to sign up for anything or do anything other than be with my child, husband, book, new puppy, and maybe kitchen...maybe.

View of Flatirons Table Mesa Neighborhood

South Boulder is just a few steps away from where I was in Central Boulder, but life at the base of the Flatirons brings a very different Boulder chapter; one I'm fully embracing. I'm really loving our new neighborhood. The Flatirons towering over us command our slow attention, don't they?

One of my favorite ways to slow down is actually in my practice.

Craniosacral therapy is a form of somatic meditation: it's diving deep into stillness and silence together. It is more than that too, and it requires me to stop in the way nothing else does.

4150 Darley Avenue Suite 10 Boulder, CO 80305

I have so enjoyed 2022 in seeing clients at home and I can still accommodate this with established clients.

Yet, I am excited that my schedule now allows for a steady day in a South Boulder studio within the same suite as long-time Boulder Physical Therapist, Katharine Hague.

I will scale back up to my full schedule over the next two years as worthy and wonderful competing demands release.

reception area of Suite 10 4150 Darley Avenue
4150 Darley Avenue Suite 10

I'm grateful to some dear therapists for connecting me to the possibility of having a dedicated space again.

As 2023 comes into shape, it feels as if things have somewhat settled into a rhythm to make this practice possible again.

Thank you for joining me there and here.


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