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All hands together, CranioSacralBoulder

Client Shares

Your gentle, healing Cranial Sacral touch has begun to change my life and returned my self confidence. Family and friends have mentioned the change since my visiting your office on a regular basis.

~Maureen, Boulder 

I am new to the city of Boulder, CO and have been going to a Cranial Sacral Therapist for over 10 years... I was looking for the right person and Linda is it. She is excellent at what she does and very caring of all her clients. ~Carley, Boulder

Linda is excellent. I have had a chronic neck issue for years and after package of sessions, I felt liberated from the discomfort and had significant increase in mobility.

~Laurel, Boulder, CO

Linda is phenomenal. Her expertise, passion, and wise nature helped me through this time of transition. I am so grateful I was connected to her and was able to be in her care. She helped me gain confidence as a new single mother and gain new awareness in my life.

~ Kayla, Boulder, CO 

Linda is extremely professional, intelligent, intentional and is wholeheartedly giving. Her energy is full of gentle warmth and care. I will always remember my postpartum period as a sacred window of time in my life and a very well-supported transition. ~Sarah, Boulder, CO​

I think the client relationship process is like the potential of each acorn growing to be a majestic oak. For me, working with each of these clients is an honor.
~ Linda 

Linda Ciampoli CranioSacral Therapy aaro
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