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Practice Peace

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

two hands at the piano playing as a way to practice peace

“If you’re stressed like a normal mammal in an acute physical crisis, the stress response is lifesaving. But if instead you chronically activate the stress response for reasons of psychological stress, your health suffers.”― Robert M. Sapolsky, primatologist


Is stress a choice? Do we chronically activate our stress response and if so, how do we choose differently?

Choose relaxation in small increments over a period of weeks and witness your physical, emotional, psychological changes.

Play piano for 20 minutes, sing or dance.

Do what brings you into calm states and do it repeatedly.

Make peace as a felt sense within your body.

And then live that felt sense.

For me, receiving CST, yin yoga, playing games with my child, reading, and being in silence are ways I regularily practice peace in my life.

What is it for you?


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