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Floating into 2020

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Yes, we are here together floating into the New Year of 2020.

I have often wrapped up a decade

by looking back in reflection 

and forward in anticipation. 

Have you? 

My earnest approach sat in hopes of weaving

lessons from my past to dreams for my future. 

My practice for these weeks coming into 2020

is to actually do absolutely none of that weaving. 

My current practice is to relax into each present moment. 

My commitment to this is for the sake of

my own physical and emotional health

and for the health of my relationships.

To see what is in front of me and more importantly

who is in front of me right now.


To stand in appreciation of what is

and to gently remind my wandering mind that it may rest. 

I gently thank that part of myself

who has cared enough to want to grow,

learn and be a fuller, clearer,

healthier, happier, freer me. 

Especially within this last decade of learning CranioSacral

and reapproaching my life through a different door.

And to know that I may simply BE in my senses,

that it is safe to feel the texture of this moment

and to let my heart swell and

my laughter carry in gratitude for today.

This is how I am welcoming 2020.  

If you haven't read my entry Be with What Is

and wish to read more on this topic, I welcome you. 

In the coming weeks and months

I'd be honored to learn what intention you are carrying into 2020.

In gratitude, Linda 


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