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Be with what is

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Hands holding three small ceramic bowls.
Holding the container. Ceramics from Mercury Studio in Lafayette, CO

Last Spring, I began the mentorship program offered via Upledger Institute. As part of this program, I’ve set goals for my personal and practice development. I step to achieve these in seated silence, through writing, reading, studying, teach assisting, collaborating with peer colleagues, and working in sessions with advanced Diplomate-level CranioSacral Therapists.

CS is a therapy in which I “hold a container” for my clients. Diving deep into my own muddy waters is part of this integrative-education so that I may arrive in session with a wider and deeper ability to hold the container for another.

As cloudy as my own depths may sometimes seem, a simple phrase has been surfacing that I’m carrying daily.

Be with what is.

When I sit with that phrase I feel a calm, warm sensation begin from my belly radiating throughout my torso.

Be with what is doesn’t urge, push or prod.

Be with what is is not aggressive or insisting.

Be with what is does not dictate emotion, try to find the fix, the way or even a single path.

It’s a phrase that is open to my resting into the present moment. It is a phrase that encourages me to gently lay down any agenda that past experience would like to impose or future wonderings could shade.

Be with what is in observation of what is here, right now.

I recently listened to an audiobook recording of Dr. Candace Pert's, Your Body is Your Subconcious Mind, in which she calls not for the manufactured enlightened state of convincing yourself or any other that you tread through your days in complete serenity in constant smile.

Her call is for Emotional Integrity.

So that in the process of my biochemistry presenting a cocktail that my brain translates as emotion, that I don't supress this but that I am self-reliant, ie. take care of myself, and address all states of my being with the tenderness I’d offer my own child.

Be with what is.....with emotional integrity.

This is what the deepening practice of my Upledger mentorship has provided so far since last Spring. What’s bubbling up for you? I’d love to hear.


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