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Well, how did I get here?

[and you may ask yourself]

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CranioSacralBoulder in Verbania ~Your Body Is Your Guide

It is just over 8 years since I dove in to the sea of CranioSacral Therapy.

Through injury and pain, my body led me directly to this work.

Though I had to step away from the NYC art scene I worked so hard to get into, I actually feel lucky.

I was able to start practicing CST even while I continued healing; my body truly was my guide.

For all I've learned with my instructors, through the volumes of research and texts Dr. Upledger left and in the warm community of Front Range practitioners who gather to study, I am beyond grateful.

These two dear ones I am pictured with above are who have cheered me on and been the foundation of my path on this Chiron adventure.

Yet, there is no one I learn more from and in each and every session than you, my client. You are my highest teacher.

What affects you, interests me. If you have a subtle change, this counts.

When you feel stuck, I listen.

When you feel like you again, when you feel free from pain, I celebrate alongside you.

You lead. I follow.

This is a significant difference in CranioSacral Therapy as a care approach.

The ceiling is open and there is no prescription.This work is about you ~ listening to you!

This is an opportunity to connect with your deepest self to find peace, held deep and true. 

Send me a note. I love hearing all your stories.



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