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It's no secret that I love practicing CranioSacral Therapy

And one part of this practice that is deeply fulfilling is the inner prep-work I do before a session even begins.

Each time, I prepare by sitting in silence for 10 minutes.

In this time, I'm bringing myself to meet stillness.

What does it mean for me to bring myself to stillness?

I'm coming into awareness of my body, deepening my breath, bringing myself to a neutral state of attention.

My body is where I live, it's my home and my starting point, my roadmap to my center.

So I travel the map to a point of stillness.

This may begin with my hips.

I shift my attention to how it feels to sit, I note the firmness of the chair or the softness of the cushion.

I picture my sitz bones, the base of my pelvic bones, and feel them resting in the chair.

With this attention, I begin to step away from my patterns of thought, from my grocery list of daily items; all the action that needs doing or that has been done.

Stillness within is an ebb and flow.

I follow how this moves, noticing the shifts in time: now, past, future

I am aware of the small of my back on the chair (now).

I am thinking of my dinner menu (future).

I am aware of my thighs resting yet supporting my weight (now).

I'm reflecting on the conversation I had at breakfast this morning (past).

It is like the curtain blowing at the window or the small waves coming and going at sea.

I notice, the curtain lifts and falls, my breath lifts and falls, the waves come and go,

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Stillness within is an ebb and flow

And then, stillness......

......a sense of melting or smoothness within


I hear a noise and think "what time is it?" (now, yet with anticipation of future)

I feel my feet on the floor (now)

and then again, stillness...


a feeling of contentedness, gratitude, preparedness, setting my intention for peace in your session

the bell rings ~ it is time for your session (now)

I am here, grounded and carrying peace.

I then offer neutrality to you in my listening; to your words, to the fascia within your body, to the felt senses during the physical releases happening within your system. I follow this. I follow the intelligence of your self healing system.

The ebb and flow continues and stillness makes space for change.

Yea, you should know, I love this work.


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