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Bone by Bone - Sphenoid

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

an exploration of the CranioSacral model  

Do you know you have a butterfly shaped bone behind your eyes?

There are 22 bones in your cranium.

This butterfly bone is in the center of your skull and it's called your sphenoid.

Do you suffer from migraines, or "migraine type" headaches, depression, neck pain, back pain, eye motion problems, or sinusitis? It is not uncommon for your sphenoid to be a player in these symptoms.

Your sphenoid is addressed as part of an initial craniosacral session and 90% of sphenoid dysfunction will normalize within a few days of that session.

If the sphenoid shows imbalance in your initial visit, I will be sure to check in with it in subsequent sessions.

There can be imbalance at your sphenoid as a result of something within your craniosacral system or outside of it. If the imbalance is not with the sphenoid directly, I will follow your system to understand where is the primary imbalance.

Once I find the primary problem and it releases, your body begins to reorganize and self-correct. 

Your CS system is sometimes quick to resolve issues. More often, it is like peeling away the layers of an onion to find resolve, especially if the original insult or injury is decades old.

Good things do take time and this is no less true with your self-healing CranioSacral system.   

If you recognize yourself in the list of symptoms above, book an initial session for me to check in with your sphenoid.

I can help. 


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