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The Avenue of Expression

Updated: May 5, 2019

The Avenue of Expression

The Avenue of Expression

The Avenue of Expression

Doesn't that sound like a road you want to be on?

How do you get there? Where will it take you?

Within CST, we are addressing the "Avenue of Expression" when we are working with the membranes within the thoracic region (upper chest), neck and jaw during your initial sessions and then with intraoral CranioSacral Therapy, the "mouthwork" is the completion of the avenue.

Clients share an increased ability to communicate clearly and effectively, even in long standing difficult and complicated situations after receiving along the AOE.

Your avenue might open up visually, through your painting, or through your cooking, or your garden design, or perhaps your thesis will finally come together in a way it just hadn't before.

The work is very client specific and it is certainly unique how the connection between your body, its memory of all your life experiences, and what you have to say in the world will come together.

I've met some clients who will find their dreams to become super vivid and profound in the days following this work. Again, the process is as unique as each client and as each session.

It is mysterious and also very natural. Something like the northern lights,

magical, but actual.


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