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Bone by Bone - Vomer

Updated: May 5, 2019

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Images are generated by Japan Life Science Data via Wikimedia Commons

The vomer is a delicate sail-shaped bone that is located at mid-line along the roof of your mouth.

During CranioSacral Therapy inter-oral care, I check in with your vomer to be sure that it is balanced with fluid motion.

The vomer bone is often indicated in breastfeeding issues for infants and by following the vomer into its self correcting releases a skilled practitioner can help the infant find his/her natural and best latch.

It is also a player for clients with deviated septum issues, headaches and sinusitis.

The vomer articulates with a number of other bones in your skull including the sphenoid, ethmoid, maxillae and palatines.

CranioSacral “mouthwork” is integral to this practice as all of the bones I’ve mentioned are either directly or indirectly accessed through your mouth.

Think of your skull as a three-dimensional puzzle. If your bones are caught in an irregular pattern of motion they are sure to impact your overall system.

The vomer is often addressed just by releasing the bones around it, but sometimes it does need individual attention.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned in this short blurb, let me know and

I will include an evaluation for balance through CS inter-oral care in your next session.


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