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Stillpoint on the Summer Solstice

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Stillpoint on the Summer Solstice
This is available online and easily found by searching for "stillpoint inducer"

A Stillpoint inducer is a simple device developed by Upledger Institute for ongoing selfcare.

Here is the link to an instructional video for use of a stillpoint inducer. In this video - at about minute 2:05 - she explains placement of the inducer at the occiput.

Correct placement is key for success.

You can find this for sale via Upledger Institute or other large online retail sellers or sometimes directly with your therapist. I make Stillpoint inducers for my clients using the instructions below.

You can make a Stillpoint inducer by placing two tennis balls/lacrosse balls into a sock. This is the best video I've found with a straight explanation of making a stillpoint inducer. 

She suggests to use these on the floor, I'm able to use it on the massage table or my normal bed before sleep and/or during meditation.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Important: This device is contraindicated for children under 10 years of age or for anyone for whom a change in fluid pressure to the cranium is contraindicated.


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