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Spring is here

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Colorado sky in the spring facing east

I wake each morning with a short delay before I remember the times in which we are currently living.

Then I take a moment to enjoy the sunshine through the tree making light and shadow dances on my bedroom wall. I follow my breath in and out.

I feel simple gratitude for this day. Spring is here.

How are you? In what ways are you nourishing yourself?

I have been trying to figure out how to best maintain community while in isolation.

News from Italian friends share that they schedule video calls to share an aperitivo.

A rare but real live call with a friend helped me unwind with laughter.

A NY friend self isolating with her husband is taking early morning walks before starting their work from home.

Daily video calls to my Mom who is self isolating in NC are important to me.

How are you finding ways to connect now?

How are you feeling about this new "normal"?


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