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Happy Spring Equinox

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

On the Road?

I've been out of town a bit since I last wrote.

Ongoing education, a challenging and rewarding certification process and teach assisting weekends with  Upledger Institute are all ultimately about deepening my practice and showing up for you in this work. 

This study and process comes from an internal drive bursting with curiosity and wonder about your self healing craniosacral system. One of the reasons I decided to train and certify with Upledger Institute over 8 years ago is due to their dedication to ongoing research.

I experienced something incredible within my own body during a session after my son was born and wrote about it here.

Upledger Institute exhibits insatiable tenacity and acumen by conducting ongoing research studies centered on groups of people such as:  

Our US military Veteran population treating PTSD (trauma) 

the professional athletes in the Ricky Williams NFL concussion therapy program 

as well as how

CST can help those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

These are just a few of their ongoing studies.

Upledger is sharing this work to as many people as possible and continually tests and retests its clinical effectiveness. 

I'm all about transparency, wide reaching care along with measured results. Upledger Institute breathes these values.  

This Spring, I'll be on the road a few more times. I'm always studying, but also for some fun with friends in the CO Rockies and with our family in the Appalachians.

I have hours Wednesdays and Fridays in my new office on Pearl Street.

If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, it's a relaxing and spacious studio. 

Come in to balance out all this Spring yang energy with some yin time on the table; dropping into your nervous system and chilling out. 

This work is one of my greatest joys.

Thank you. I look forward to see you soon!


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