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Jane's Carousel, Summertime in Brooklyn: This precious life right now

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Janes Carousel Brooklyn New York
Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn

Wow, it does seem like ages ago, July 1, 2011 in Brooklyn, New York. Our child was just 9 months old. My days were all about naps, babyfood, and nursing.

And my days were also very much about sleep deprivation, acupuncture sessions, physical therapy appointments and craniosacral therapy. There were incredible practitioners (my first teachers unknowingly) in New York.

I did try to make it down to Jane's Carousel as often as I could, carrying our child in a baby wrap or pushing him along in a stroller if arriving by ferry.

I remembered seeing painted horses from the carousel mysteriously tucked inside a darkened warehouse a few blocks away a few years before. Just by chance my husband and I had peered in through a small window while walking on our way to see a friend's puppet show.

Afterward, I heard talk at work about architect Jean Nouvel designing a jewel box glass pavilion for a restored carousel somewhere in Brooklyn. This type of story falling into place is one thing I miss about living in New York. The city has stories happening actively and living there you begin to feel connected to them even just as a witness. And things do fall into place in NY.

I'm grateful for our time living there and I'm thankful also for our time here in Boulder though just a few years yet. Each chapter of life offers something rich.

I'm beginning to slow down now just enough to appreciate what is in front of me so that my gratitude doesn't arrive only in reflection but is held in the moment.

Perhaps it is saging. I think a lot of my awareness is being honed and developed from the stillness and quiet attentive focus while practicing CranioSacral Therapy. What a learning this path brings. It seeps into every aspect of my being, each part of me; as me; as wife; as Mamma.

Like those shadowy painted horse figures that peaked my curiosity that night walking with my love in Brooklyn, things within my being come together and sometimes, maybe just for a small flickering moment, they catch the light of the sun the way Nouvel's pavilion does and I breathe in this precious life right now.


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