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Beauty, hubris and failing.

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

How are you?

Our entire being, including our physical self, absorbs the impact of each new wave of information as we are part of a nation during a significant consciousness shift.

How are you processing?

  • -ever changing info about covid19

  • -world-wide grieving from deaths due to covid19

  • -truths about our leaders ~ positive and negative

  • -ongoing truths about the health of our planet

  • -truth about killings of innocent black men and women

  • -truth about first amendment violations

  • -truth about nationwide police brutality

  • -truth about a system that supports racism

and how are you integrating?

  • your actions in relationship to your community

  • your responsibility within a racist system

  • your conversations with your family and friends

In all of this, there is our beauty, hubris, and failing.

It is so much, it is hard time to stay home and this all informs my practice and preparation for reopening.

Black Lives Matter


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