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Speaking your truth

Some results of receiving CranioSacral Therapy facilitate an arrival at ones truth. Speaking that truth may show up as painting, singing, pottery, writing, beats, poetry.

It's impossible to limit how it will arrive and it's a very unique process. The Avenue of Expression in CST is a series of releases within the mouth, face, and throat protocols including hyoid musculature.

Standing in front of Jenny Holzer's, Inflammatory Essays, in London a few years back made me think about this part of CST. These are not Holzer's words or views in the essays. She's culled paragraphs from others and here they are presented as a wall of words. She shared these originally in smaller groupings over a span of many years by pasting them throughout NYC to be stumbled upon. They are meant to move you, to provoke you, to call you to action.

In CS therapy, releasing long held patterns of restriction within the throat and mouth structure free up holding and encourages change. This work can help to liberate old patterns of thought by opening a pathway for those thoughts to release -- by way of expression, one can let go.

CS clears the way for new growth, awareness, clarity of being while supporting communication that is emotionally uncharged and therefore clear. This work is just damn cool to experience in oneself and in supporting for others.


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