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Why I do this work

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Recently a sage wise woman I collaborate with was walking with me as I dig to the bottom of why I do this work. I'm exploring with her my self, patterns, goals, dreams and how I navigate in a world that doesn't always get what I value.

CranioSacral Therapy is about your self empowerment, your self actualization, about you.

Many of you come to me in pain. And I walk together with you until that pain resolves.

From a place of feeling good in your body, a lot of other things can fall into place in your life.

Being out of pain, coming into balance after birth, moving beyond post concussion symptoms or anxiety attacks, as a few examples of symptoms CST can help relieve, is all in support of your living your best life. Recently a client shared in response to her session and in the days following that she felt "calmer and more at ease in handling conflicts that came up."

It's a deceptively simple statement. It doesn't feel monumental. Yet from where I sit, this is a significant shift. To be more at ease in front of conflict. Imagine if everyone felt more at ease in front of conflict. What would be the result? I'm sure there are many, but one is that we could respond to conflict from a very different place than when we experience unease in front of conflict. It is a revolution in behavior for her response to be an untriggered, present and attentive response. It is a response from a place of peace. That peace ripples outward.

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A drop ripples outward

In the process of attaining physical relief, this work is also about being in touch with the center of your being. If you are interested in that journey, the path is very much open and I promise you the journey within yourself is valuable and worthy. You are valuable and worthy. This work holds real possibility for positive change permeating all your relationships but it begins with you.

So this exploration I was sharing with the sage woman and what I came to, perhaps I've told you in session or when we first met. In case not, I'll share again here.

I'm doing this work, with individuals, just like you, one-on-one with a mission of witnessing you as you bring peace, find peace, and share peace in your life so that transformative positive and fantastic changes happen. Like the ripple effect we all know so well when a pebble drops into a pond, the ripples spread outward, the effect touches everyone around you.

Bringing your entire body out of a stress state and into the rest state again and again results in lasting change not only in the membranes surrounding your brain and spinal cord, but also for how you relate first to yourself and then also to your spouse, your boss, your friend, your teacher, and your child.

With present, calm attention you may repeatedly return in the here and now through the sensations of your body. We are in our bodies for a reason, to feel, to be, to be here. You have very different reasons and feelings and being than I do. Your experience is very much yours. My role is neutral attention as therapeutic presence and witness.

You are embodied in your present state, embracing all parts of yourself and others, and hopefully you are able to do that from a place of self love. I'm here to facilitate the physical release within your body that can guide you toward inner peace. The kind of peace only you can name. It's an honor to walk with you on this path.


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