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Tethering my life

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Last week I had that moment in the middle of the night after I read that people my age are catching and dying from this disease, have you had this moment?

I hit the realization that the early news of this being a disease most dangerous to those over 70 was seriously misguided. Lots of people much younger are really suffering. About half of all the cases are younger patients. *as of 3-27-2020

It isn’t just about protecting my elderly neighbors anymore, but also myself and my child, because I want to finish raising him and my husband because I want to continue loving him and my clients because I want to keep offering this work.

This blossomed into a long conversation with myself about all the reasons that I will do whatever it takes to not catch this virus.

I dove deeper into my own layers of conviction, of literally imagining a thread of light extending from myself to those I love.

To those dear ones who tether me to this life. With a smile on my face, I felt that every cell of my body was deciding to be here on earth through this time and for a long time to come.

Are you doing these type of visualizations?

Or any at all?

Are you tethering your light to others in your life?

Imagine your cord and connect it to those who you want to be here for and with.

Feel the concreteness of that visualization in your body. For me it felt like a deepening sense. Like I was fully relaxing.

Sense in your body a complete surrender to your will to live.

Smile to seal this intention.

Then follow the simple rules to avoid this virus:

1.wash your hands, 20+ seconds about the length of the "happy birthday" song

2. keep physical distance of 3 meter or 6.5 feet+ from anyone outside your family cell, or your constructed family cell if you have one with clear rules

3. stop touching your face

4. when out of your home, wear a face covering to help you remember to not touch your face, or to protect others if you are asymptomatic but shedding

5. wash or disinfect regularly touched surfaces in your home and/or car

6. stay off the Boulder trail systems which are overcrowded and stay close to home #thinkUSnotme

Be well, be home if you are able to be, and practice loads of self care. Much love and wonder at this time and what it has to teach us about patience, resilience, community, servitude, gratitude and humanity.

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