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Spirit Child

Updated: May 15, 2019

So this drawing shows up in the mail one day. Out of the blue from a dear friend way back in Florida where I haven't lived in....19 years? This image catches my spirit child exactly. Coco is super intuitive and perceptive.

What doubly made it such a special gift to me is that it reminds me of when I was about five years old. I ran down to Brett's house with my friend John and got in massive trouble for taking off from home that far, 1/4 of a mile away. And the artist of this girl in the drawing is Brett's wife.

I like to try to keep this blog just to CranioSacral to share what this therapy is; above all to help demystify it so it is accessible. When I look at this image and think of how it connects me to my spirit child, I think of how Cranio connects me to that same inquisitive, open-minded part of me as I'm going into a meditative state to listen to your craniosacral rhythm and how it runs through your body and where it needs attention. So there, I connected it.

Artist Katherine Bennett, Title, "A Girl With A Slingshot"


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