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Peace found

Updated: May 5, 2019, cranialsacral, craniosacral therapy, pain relief, myofascial release, tension relief, stress relief, pain relief, peaceful
CranioSacral Therapy promotes peace,

Recently, a patient shared, "coming in for CranioSacral with you these past few weeks, I've been able to connect with a sense of peace I've not felt in some time. A peace that is my own, from within me, I'm reconnecting with it again."

As these membranes and tissues release and make way for the cerebrospinal fluid to flow uninhibited along your spinal cord and to your brain, the self healing potential in your body is activated. Your body is always leaning toward homeostasis. When you get a cut, you're body doesn't need to ask anyone what to do, it knows exactly what it needs to do to repair and heal that cut. Your body is intelligent. We are simply removing stones in the path for your body to pick up and do what it does best, thrive.

And what is that result for you, how does it feel to thrive? For this patient it meant finding peace within herself. For you it may mean getting back to training for the BolderBoulder or ironman or it may mean you are simply out of pain and in a better mood at work and with your family and friends. Each client is different and experiences different things as a result of this elegant bodywork.


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