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Letting Go: CranioSacral Therapy

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

In this bodywork, I prepare you for ongoing physical or emotional unwinding.

In physical softening fascia, muscle or connective tissue, membrane will let go of ongoing held physical tension.

That may show up for you a few different ways.

CranioSacralBoulder, CranioSacral Therapy, Boulder, Colorado
Releases like layers of an onion peel away one at a time.

Releases happen like the layers of an onion.

They peel away one at a time.

We address these layers to reach the center of the issue allowing for resolve.

Multiple layers may peel away in a single hour, but often it’s one at a time.

This work is gentle and graceful.

The result can be physical only, but may also be connected to held emotion.

The body-mind connection is fascinating.

When we experience something in our body and have a negative emotion connected with that experience, it will often present as held physical tension.

This is an opportunity to liberate not only physical, but emotional restriction. ,You experience the freedom felt in your body from tension to relaxation.

CranioSacralBoulder, CranioSacral Therapy Boulder Colorado
Release over time is like tuning a guitar

Release over time is like tuning a guitar.

One note found, another lost and delicately, the body comes into balance.

A fascial release at your hip may be connected to your shoulder pain.

At times release will happen in your body in a place you don’t feel troubled.

This is where I offer my listening expertise.

In this work, I am trained to listen to your overall body system, to follow the physical restrictions, and to wait for release.

The release happens at a session, yet may continue for days.

These changes can be so subtle you may be surprised like I was when I realized a full five days after receiving a session that my neck is no longer tense.

And though pain is not a foreigner on this path, I will walk with you until you let it go.

There are at times dramatic shifts. Very often it is much quieter work.

Think what happens when water runs over a stone.

The stone will become smooth...and that takes time.

As is the case with Virginia who has generously agreed that I share her story. Virginia was involved in two major car collisions in her lifetime.

The first was in 1978. A vehicle struck the car Virginia was a passenger in - from behind. That oncoming car was going about 100 MPH.

Everyone was thrown from the small two-door sedan.

A child perished.

Her second car accident was in 2013.

Virginia was driving and another vehicle turned left into her car as she was going through an

intersection on a green light. The airbag deployed and the seatbelt held when her auto was struck from the front left side. She saw the accident coming toward her as if in slow motion.

Her sternum was fractured.

CranioSacral Boulder, CranioSacral Therapy Boulder Colorado

Virginia is an intuitive, resilient woman.

She has done a lot of physical, emotional and psychological work.

She has endured rounds of dental work to the left side of her mouth after the first collision and more recently has elected for prp (platelet rich) therapy to her left side/leg and hip.

She pursued EMDR therapy and is physically, mentally and emotionally strong practicing yoga and hiking weekly.

When she first came to see me, Virginia had received prp therapy in her left hip joint and was looking to release residual pain both in her hip region and deep within her chest just left of her sternum.She shared the story of these two accidents a bit each session.

We spoke about her overall goals as well as her goals per session.

Within three sessions of CranioSacral Therapy there was a positive shift releasing the tightness in her chest. She felt a big level of relief as that was pain she’d held for years.

Over the next few days, she felt tightness in her left jaw.

She experienced sharp pain and discomfort while eating dinner after a day of gentle hiking.

The guitar tuning image came to mind I shared it.

You can hold a restriction for years and not feel it, yet once something shifts in one area of the body, this older restriction can present as if ready to now release.

"It's my turn" The jaw is saying by presenting pain.

This is what happened for Virginia.

We continued a few more sessions of jaw releases, which calmed the acute state.

The muscles would release a bit each time, yet not entirely.

As proactive as Virginia is, in addition to subsequent follow up sessions, I shared jaw release exercises and we kept in touch by phone and email over the next months.

She continued her regular massage therapy sessions and again pursued prp therapy one year after her first PRP.

And then she called with an idea.

“How about I come in for 4 shorter sessions in less time?”

I agreed and we set up four 45-minute sessions scheduled within 2 weeks.

In those sessions, there were:

  • significant physical releases to her left hip and left leg with felt sensations like energy ripples down and out her foot

  • major softening in the center of her chest just left of her sternum

  • repeated temporal bone slow releases especially on the left side

  • left arm unwinding and releasing, letting go

  • she indicated that her right arm wanted to help unwind years of held tension

  • a stated and felt sense that our work is complete and that something has changed in her system

CranioSacralTherapy, CranioSacralBoulder, Boulder, Colorado
CranioSacral care is flexible to meet you where you are and in what shape you need

At the end of Virginia’s last session, she held one hand to her heart and said, “good body.”

I stood in silenced awe by this action of self care Virginia displayed.

It was such an inspiring moment for me; a teaching moment.

This woman sustained major injuries recovering over many years and turns to herself in heartfelt appreciation of what her body is capable of in healing.

This action sealed her sessions. Brava, Virginia!

Virginia taught me that there are times that shorter sessions in quick succession can greatly benefit a patient with long held pain. That a patient actively designing her own model of care opens new possibility. That my model of CranioSacral care is flexible to meet you where you are and in what shape you need it to be.

We are here for you to find that your body is your guide, that your inner knowing is leading you and to provide an opportunity for you to slow down enough for you to truly hear yourself.

This work is empowering!

I left that session inspired to make this type of CST package available for all of you.

This is your 2 week mini morning retreat at my warm and spacious downtown Boulder office.

Join me, let’s see together what can be and what can be let go.

If you'd like to read more about how the body releases tension read this post.


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