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Intra-oral CranioSacral

One client's story of "mouthwork"


Angela was suffering from a blood borne virus she caught during vacation that had landed her in bed for a few weeks once home.

She started to experience a lot of pain in her upper neck, symptoms of TMJ disorder that included jaw tightness, discomfort in a few of her teeth, as well as iritis in both eyes.

Angela felt that her attention span, energy level, and even the way she moved were compromised. In addition to seeing her physical therapist, she started to book my CST sessions.

After two CranioSacral sessions, she was feeling a good level of improvement.

She gained increased range of motion in her neck and held less tension.

Her eye sensations from the iritis dissipated completely and are no longer an issue.

But where Angela has really benefited is by receiving intra-oral CranioSacral care.

Angela walks out of her sessions feeling like there is

"more room in my mouth for my tongue, these sessions feel incredible!"

For Angela, as for many, intra-oral CranioSacral Therapy has helped her to find relief within a short period of time.

She feels wonderful after each session, feels more focused and energized at work and with her family, and in general is feeling better overall.

It's the whole point of my work, to work toward peace in the body so you can get back to doing what you love to do!

Intra-oral CranioSacral Therapy is received while you relax on a comfortably warmed massage table.

I use non-latex gloves to address the bones that make up the roof of your mouth,

your jaw structure, as well as your individual teeth.

My hand pressure is feather light while the results can be significant for your body, mind and spirit. 

Winter Solstice is a time for many for going deep within to nourish your path of self understanding and clear expression. If you have issues with teeth or jaw, let's explore if intra-oral care can make a difference for you!


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