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CST Meridian Kits

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

I hope that in the midst of this surreal time, you have found the resources you need to best support your being, to lift your spirit and to allow whatever emotion is surfacing to be held in respect.

Right now, so many of us around the country are grieving:

family members and friends lives,

loss of jobs/income, lack of stability, changed lifestyles, shaken security, our US democracy, the health of our earth and our future.

I have no fairy dust to offer, but I do have

honesty, encouragement and tools.


CST and Meridians

CranioSacral Therapy and acupuncture utilize the rhythm and wisdom of the craniosacral system with the pathways of acupuncture. As CST uses the cranial rhythm to locate physical imbalance, acupuncture uses the subtle energy chi within the meridians and points for the same interactions. In August, I completed training to begin wrapping the meridians and points into my cranio practice. I cannot wait to practice this with you in session once able. I do have something I can offer now too. I'm excited to be able to provide distant care with these CST meridian kits designed specific to your needs.

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