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Are you "All In"?

Updated: May 15, 2019

We’ve recently been to Malta to celebrate the wedding of my husband’s sister. After the wedding festivities, we spent extra days there visiting our Italian family who we now see once a year.

These are precious visits especially for our only son and his grandparents since we, like many of you, are free-birds living in Boulder without family.

We were walking through the city of Valletta listening to my husband humming the Game of Thrones theme song and kept coming across the red British style phone booths.

Our six year old son was completely in love with these, making a point to enter each one and make a pretend phone call.

At one point during our afternoon passeggiata he turned to us and yelled, “Tutti Dentro!” All In!

We all duly followed his lead and crammed ourselves into a booth he swiftly closed.

The one who stayed out was Nonno/Grandpa - always the photographer.

After a few breaths of a special kind of warm air you can only really find inside a phone booth 80 km southwest of Sicily, we all tumbled out again giggling to ourselves and thankful for the excuse he gave us to be silly together. Bel Viaggio!

I was remembering this today and it brought up a lot of thoughts beyond that I need to share with my son those really fun Beatles documentaries.

It brought for me this question: Am I Tutti Dentro!?

Am I present and engaged? Am I living without fear or anxiety?

Tutti Dentro!

Is being in love with life, however imperfect it is, forgiving myself about my mistakes, my shortcomings, my humanness.

It’s holding gratitude in my heart for my accomplishments and redefining those singularly for myself.

It is letting my ideas about what success is change over time.

Tutti Dentro! for me means showing up for myself, taking care of me, so I have enough to share without feeling carved out; hollowed.

It means to never stop learning in my CranioSacral Therapy (CST) practice and to never stop learning about being the Mom my son needs, and a thriving co-creator of making a life with my husband.

It means living my life wide open and truly being awake where I’m most needed.

Kids are naturally there, right?

I suspect when my 6 year old resists requests that a lot of this involves a sense of boredom human beings tend to experience in repetition. It’s soooooo daily life, right? Our dishes, our meals, our laundry, our general messiness to clean, our errand to the store, and sometimes our work; or parts of our work.

Even if we search for the holy grail of finding the work we love, and even after we’ve found it, brass tacks brings us back to the reality that there is struggle in (at least part of) our work.

For me, that struggle is in marketing the work that I do. It’s not in my actual work at all, the work of CranioSacralBoulder is a passion of continued learning and joy.

Instead it is in that thing I need to do in order to do my work.

CST is all about listening to you: to your story, and to the story your body system presents and then facilitating your health and balance with you.

It's so little about me that for me to market me feels at this point a step away from CST.

Yet during this trip, I enrolled myself into a marketing course specifically designed for CST practitioners.

In a moment of Tutti Dentro! with myself for my expanding practice and how I can continue to share it.

My version of All In is to open that door, to play with intention, to learn how to shift my resistance to joyfully sharing my work and myself not only in session but in words, like….now.

What is it for you? Where are you All In? And where in your life are you feeling a hiccup of disconnection?

I can help you connect with your true center. So that when you get up off the table, you are a step closer to show up in all areas of your life. Are you in?


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