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A long view

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Today, I'd like to share a story with you about my first years with CST. I was a brand new Mom when the gift of it arrived.  In those first years of motherhood, I left my work with sculptor Mariko Mori. We moved from New York to Hong Kong to Italy and then to Boulder.

In all that shuffle, I sat reading CST texts/case studies while nursing, listened to cranio podcasts durings naps, and just soaked my being in CST in the moments when I wasn't completely absorbed in keeping a human alive.

CST was like an anchor. For many reasons ~ some chosen, some not ~ during those years it was required of me to take a long view. I slowed my expectations on changing my career. I wanted to be with my son and I was also ready to start the work.

It was very push-pull within me. In the end, I needed to put one foot in front of the other to develop needed patience.  It asked me to find a kind of patience I didn’t then know.

Some days I was quite messy. 

Other days I’d feel alive with wonder.  Because I also felt it important to earn a massage license, it was 5 years before I opened my practice. Then it was still more patience because building a practice in a saturated market, well, it does take time.

Studying CST became my answer to every woe: When in doubt, study.

When impatient, study.

Feeling blue?, study. Through all my study, I realized that I hope to practice craniosacral well into my 90s.

Eventually that study meant that my practice began to grow, and then because of you, my practice began to blossom.  So, here we are in a global pandemic.

Because of this unprecendented time, I am being asked again to take a long view. As Boulder County moves to re-open businesses, massage therapists are given the choice to resume practice beginning May 8, 2020.  After much consideration, I am choosing to delay reopening. I will continue to wait and will reopen at a time when it is abundantly clear that the risk to your health, to mine and to those with whom we are connected is minimal.  Last January, I joined a great project with Studio Arts Boulder. That work will help me prepare for when it is time to reopen my cranio doors. I'm extremely thankful. I miss my practice.  I miss you.  It will be a beautiful day when we meet in person again. 

I hold you in my heart until then...and I’ll study.


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